“In the fullness of time, in His mysterious plan of love, God the Father sent His only Son to begin the kingdom of God on earth and bring about the spiritual rebirth of mankind. To continue His work of Salvation, Jesus Christ founded the Church as a visible organism living by the power of the Spirit.” (The Catholic School, Vatican Polyglot Press, Rome 1977, Chapter 1 page 6.)
In response to the mission and message of Jesus Christ, St. Vincent de Paul School, with the family, strives to form a Community of Faith dedicated to continuing the mission entrusted by Christ to His Church. We therefore commit ourselves to educating the whole child in an environment conducive to spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth. We strive to imbue this environment with education and love that reflects the gospel message of Christ. By integrating the education of the whole child with an environment permeated by the Gospel spirit, St. Vincent de Paul School strives to continue Christ’s mission here on earth in building up the Kingdom of God.