Want to learn more about the estate, financial and gift planning options that are available to you?  Want to help St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School children now and in the future?  Consider a gift to the school to ensure the availability of Catholic education for children in the Seward, Nebraska community.  Contact the school office to learn more at (402) 643-9525.

Estate Planning

After your family is taken care of, you can extend your support by planning a gift that makes a lasting impact on our mission of offering a Catholic education to any child, regardless of income:

  • Include a gift to us in your will.
  • Designate a percentage of your retirement plan assets to benefit St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Schools after your lifetime.
  • Designate a percentage of your life insurance policy to support us after your lifetime.
  • Donate appreciated stock you have owned for more than one year.
  • Leave us a percentage of your assets through a gift in your will.
  • Make a charitable gift to us and receive fixed payments for life.
  • Donate your home or another piece of real estate.
  • Arrange a charitable remainder trust to benefit St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School.
  • Set up a charitable lead trust that supports us and helps preserve your loved ones’ inheritance.

The goal of estate planning is to provide peace of mind and financial support for yourself and your loved ones:

  • Create your first will, or update an existing document.
  • Put a living will in place.
  • Include a durable power of attorney.
  • Take full advantage of your retirement plans.