Pic Collage Exploration in Computer Class

Our 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades have been exploring and working with Pic Collage to create collages on the computer. Click on the links below to view their work…

My School – Grades 2 & 3

Nebraska – Grade 4

Civil War – Grade 5

4-H Embryology (Grade 3)

The third graders are participating in the 4-H Embryology program through the Extension Office. We will continue to post updates as the chicks begin to hatch!

Trout in the Classroom (Grades 4 & 5)

THE FISH ARE HERE!!! The hatching process began around January 25th…..much earlier than we had anticipated. All of the fish have hatched at this point. The students now take turns daily feeding the fish & testing the water, and cleaning the tank once a week. If the numbers are too far off when they test the water, they have to change the water in the tank. Below shows the testing kit that they use and the chart that they keep records on….

Check back for more updates & pictures of the fish!!


What’s Happening in PE?!?!

Kindergarten and First Grade are using hula hoops in PE. We are learning how to jump, roll and spin with our hoops. Spinning them around our waists has been one of our favorite things to do with them!

Throughout the month of January, the Second, Third, Fourth & Fifth Graders are playing multicultural games in PE. We are learning about other countries and trying all the games. We have found that some are similar to games we play in the United States. We also discovered that a lot of them involve aspects of hunting. A couple of our favorites are Skyros from Greece and Spearing the Disk from Ethiopia.


State Travel Brochures (First Grade)

The First Grade class worked together to put together a USA puzzle to celebrate finishing their state travel brochure project!


Zoo Program (Preschool & 2nd Grade)

The Preschool and 2nd Grade classes participate in a program with the Lincoln Children’s Zoo where they care for and learn about a new zoo animal for a 6 week period of time. During the 6 weeks the children feed, exercise, weigh, observe and monitor these animals and report back to the zoo. This is the 2nd year we have been involved with this program.